We put our know-how to work specifically for the disposal needs in the workshop to develop a vehicle in cooperation with our customers a vehicle  that provides the benefits of being able to transport environmentally hazardous liquids and oil contaminated working material at the same time.


You can watch a video about this vehicle or download a brochure.


Technical Details


The aluminium tank holds 11,000 l gross with 3 compartments (tank code: LGBF, vehicle code: FL)

Pump Equipment

The pump equipment comprises a hydraulic, self-priming rotary piston pump with flame retarder. They can load, backwash and discharge via the pressure tight coarse filter.

Discharge / Loading of fluids

The following functions are controlled via the equipment cabinet on the right:

  • Loading or discharge by means of the hose drum rear right
  • Loading via the 2" suction connection at the rear
  • Discharge via the 3" outlet at the rear

Rear loader

The rear loader is designed to lift approx. 300 kg. This allows the lifting of two type MGB 240 waste containers or one type MBG 1.100 waste container. The operation takes place via a control unit located rear left and operated by cable remote control. The remote control makes sure that the driver stays out of the danger zone when operating.

Bulk material container

The bulk material container with a total volume of 11 m³ is tipped by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The rear end is equipped with two automatically opening swivel flaps dipose the load in waste containers.  Because of the high dumping point, bulk can also be emptied into tall containers. A special unloading system provides support here.


The use of a twin circuit hydraulic system provides the opportunity to simultaneously load bulk material using the rear loader and to load used oil by means of the tank fittings.


We equip your vehicle - depending on your requirements - with the following safety equipment:

  • EMERGENCY-STOP devices on the right and left side of the vehicle
  • 2 channel radio remote control of the pump
  • Overflow protection during the loading of fluids
  • Fill level indicator with signal transmission without physical contact
  • Emergency control of the rear loader in the event of a electronics failureelectronics
  • Rear view camera
  • Deadman switch
  • In-house developed safety switch for the pump

Running costs

To keep running costs low, we use for example commercially available control electronics, for which you can order spare parts directly from the major electrical suppliers. We place great émphasis on the durability of our product and we therefore galvanise all steel components (where possible) to give rust no chance.


Vehicle handling

The tank and the trough lie exactly in the vehicles centre of gravity. This gives perfect vehicle handling independent of the loading sequence.

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