Our compact and mobile housing with AdBlue measuring system keeps you flexible for every kind of demand.

Of course you can choose to have the measuring systems as a fixed installation.


Technical Details

Measuring system

AdBlue is suctioned into the storage container by means of a suction hose with dry coupling and fed via the pump to the measuring system.

The measuring system consists of an electronic gas separator with an electronic controller and receipt printer.


Reference values for the measuring system:

  • smallest permissible discharge volume:        200 l
  • maximum flow:                                                      600 l/min
  • minimum flow:                                                        60 l/min

Pump Equipment

The hydraulically powered, stainless steel centrifugal pump is specially designed for the transport of AdBlue. A infinitely variable speed control regulates the flow during discharge. The feed and return pipes of the hydraulic system for the pump equipment are installed on the upper face wall.

Hose drum

Equipment cabinet

The mobile and compact housing is cabinet of a stainless steel equipment compartment with a roller shutter. Forklift pockets are mounted on the base frame. Enabeling to move move the measuring system by fork lift.


We can install an deadman switch with a visual and acoustic alarm for controlled discharge of the transport material.

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