Depending on the materials being processed and the vehicle's equipment, our WILLIG disposal and waste management semi-trailer tankers are suitable for the disposal of used oils, oil emulsions, oil sludge as well as shop waste.


Using several compartments you can, in a single tour, take on different kinds of fluids and keep them apart by type.


Technical Details


Specially designed to fulfil the requirements in connection with the transport of used oil, the tank has a gross volume of 36,000 l. Partitioned into two or more compartments, the semi-trailer tanker is suitable for the transport of large batches between oil collection points and refineries or recycling facilities.



Depending on requirements and equipment, we fit the vehicle with a rear cabinet, storage cabinet, hose pipe, collision protection, under run protection, spill box with ladder, catwalk running the length of the vehicle and safety handrail.

Pump Equipment

The pump equipment comprises two hydraulically driven, self-priming rotary piston pumps with flame retarder. To ensure a discharge volume of approx. 800 l/min. both pumps run parallel. They can load, backwash and discharge via the pressure tight coarse filter.

Suctioning / Discharge

The semi-trail tanker can load or discharge with the following equipment:

  • Suctioning or discharge with the hose drum at the rear
  • Suctioning via the 2" suction connection at the rear
  • Discharge via the 3" outlet at the rear



Brakes / Air suspension

With the EBS/ABS and RSS brake system function we achieve improved braking comfort and high vehicle safety through controled braking when there is a risk of tipping.

  • The EBS function accelerates the reaction and pressurisation time in the brake cylinders, bringing the advantage of a shorter braking distance by several metres. The ABS function ensures driving stability during braking.
  • The RSS function prevents tipping, whipping or skidding of your new tanker through continuous caontroled braking
  • The semi-trailer tanker's air suspension can be controlled mechanically with an air suspension valve or electronically with an ECAS console.


Depending on your wishes, we equip the semi-trailer with the following additional safety equipment:


    • Overflow protection during the intake of fluids
    • Attention button (dead man's switch)
    • Rear view camera
    • Reflecting outline markers
    • Working lamps next to the cabinets
    • Reverse flood light at the rear
    • EMERGENCY-STOP devices on every side of the vehicle
    • Acitivated interlock when cabinet doors are open
    • Tyre pressure monitoring system
    • Load dependent shock absorber control
    • Reverse buzzer
    • Reverse area monitoring by means of sensors


You can select a lighting system with either conventional light bulbs or LEDs. The marker lights on the sides of the semi-trailer tanker are equipped with LEDs as standard.  The benefits of LED lighting, in addition to the prolonged 15 year lifetime, are the high intensity of light and the colour constancy.


ADR Equpiment

We deliver the semi-trailer tanker ready for the road with complete ADR equipment:

Depending on vehicle type, you are provided with: Danger signs, hazard signs, pylons, binding agent container, binding agent, wheel chock, shovel / broom, protective equipment, fire extinguisher etc.


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