Our objective in the development and design of the WILLIG Roll-Over trainer was to give drivers the opportunity to better get to know and master the driving skills required for a cylindrical semi-trailer.

By driving curves during safety training with the Roll-Over, drivers learn how different fluids carried by the tanker are set in motion.  The movements result in the tipping limits being quickly reached and exceeded. The participants recognise how quickly this kind of situation can arise and learn to react to drive defensively. 


Technical Details


The gross tank volume of the aluminium semi-trailer tanker

is 42,400 l with 6 compartments.


Sprinkler system

To protect the tyres against overheating, a sprinkler system for cooling is installed in front of each of the six wheels. The sprinkler system works automatically.

Support outrigger

Two fold-away support outriggers with runners and stub shafts for the stabilising wheels are installed on both sides of the vehicle.


At the beginning of the driving safety training, the lateral stabilising wheels are folded out and secured on both sides with a stabilising rod with tow ring. The support outriggers prevent the semi-trailer from tipping if it exceeds the tipping limit during training.


The lateral stabilising wheels are folded in when driving on public roads.


Loading / Discharge

Water is filled into and discharged from the tip trainer using the Storz coupling at the rear.

Fill level indicator

The fill level for each of the chambers is visible via a fill level indicator at the rear. The allows adjustment of the semi-trailer's different loads.  

Brakes / Air suspension

With the EBS/ABS and RSS brake system function we achieve improved braking comfort and high vehicle safety through controled braking when there is a risk of tipping.

  • The EBS function accelerates the reaction and pressurisation time in the brake cylinders, bringing the advantage of a shorter braking distance by several metres. The ABS function ensures driving stability during braking.
  • The RSS function prevents tipping, whipping or skidding of your new tanker through continuous controled braking
  • The semi-trailer tanker's air suspension can be controlled mechanically with an air suspension valve or electronically with an ECAS console.


You can select a lighting system with either conventional light bulbs or LEDs. The marker lights on the sides of the semi-trailer tanker are equipped with LEDs as standard.  The benefits of LED lighting, in addition to the prolonged 15 year lifetime, are the high intensity of light and the colour constancy.


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