Tankers for the transport of mineral oil


WILLIG tankers are available in the AT option for the transport of 1202 diesel / heating oil as well as in the FL option for the delivery of 1202 diesel / heating oil and 1203 petrol.


Technical Details


Tank sizes are individually tailored to the vehicle chassis and the respective product to be transported (AT or FL), and can be devided into the following areas:

  • 2 axle vehicle:    5,000 l to 14,500 l, usually 2 or 3 chambers
  • 3 axle vehicle:    18,000 l to 22,500 l, usually 3 or 4 chambers
  • 4 axle vehicle:    20,000 l to 30,000 l, usually 3 or 4 chambers


Depending on requirements and equipment, we fit the vehicle with an equipment cabinet, storage cabinet, side covers, collision protection, under ride protection, spill box with ladder, catwalks and safety rails.

Tank Connection

WILLIG has developed a completely elastic tank connection for the tankers. This improves the transfer of force to the chassis frame. The vehicle handling is improved because of less torquing between the chassis frame, tank connection and the tank assembly.


The chassis frames on all WILLIG tank bodies are hot-dip galvanised to provide durable corrosion protection.


Loading / Discharge

Tank bodies can be equipped with the following loading options:

  • Top loading via man hole
  • Bottom loading with API couplings
  • Self loading with the suctioning connection
  • Self loading with the pump connection


You can choose the following discharge options:

  • Pump measuring system with wet or dry hose
  • Gravity measuring system with dry hose (e.g. for FL transport)
  • Pump discharge / gravity discharge via unmeasured outlets
  • Gravity discharge from API couplings with adapter (for FL transport)




Tanker bodies can be equipped with the following electronics:

  • Temperature compensator / controller incl. printer for discharge control
  • Deadman button
  • Overfill protection with limit sensor cable or remote overflow protection
  • Fill-hose protection for the correct connection of the hose
  • GPS location transmission
  • GSM data transmission
  • Remote control, for example for engine start/stop


Depending on your wishes, we equip the tank bodies with the following additional safety equipment:


Rear view cam

  • Reflecting outline markers
  • Working flood lights integrated in the spill box or next to the equipment cabinet
  • Reverse flood light at the rear
  • Catwalks and safety hand rails inside the spill box



ADR Equipment

We deliver the tank bodies ready for the road completely ADR equipped:

Depending on vehicle type, you are provided with: Danger shields, hazard shields, pylons, binding agent container, binding agent, shovel / broom, protective equipment, fire extinguisher etc.




A loading bridge can be provided at the rear or between the driver's cab and the tank for the transport of barrels, etc.



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