The WILLIG centre axle trailer is distinguished by its agility and manoeuvrability.

We support these characteristics with an optimised design of the chassis, tank and tractor unit.


Depending on its equipment, the centre axle trailer is suitable for the transport of 1202 diesel, heating oil and 1203 petrol.


Technical Details


We tailor the tank size individually based on its intended use so that the tractor unit drives perfectly and is optimised for the permissible overall weight:

  • A 2 axle centre axle trailer with a permissible overall weight of 20 tons is designed for a 2 axle tractor unit with a permissible overall weight of 18 tons. The gross volume varies between 20,000 l and 24,000 l depending on the products being transported.
  • A 2 axle centre axle trailer with a permissible overall weight of 18 tons is designed for a 3 axle tractor unit with a permissible overall weight of 24 tonnes. The gross volume lies between 16,500 l and 20,000 l depending on the products being transported.
  • We can realise smaller models up to 10.5 tons for city areas and small tractor units.



Centre axle trailers are equipped with spill box, collision protection, under run protection and side covers. Depending on requirements and equipment, we can fit an equipment cabinet and storage cabinet.


The centre axle trailer is equipped with a stiff, heavy duty drawbar with a supporting load capacity of 1,000 kg.

We only install drawbars with a special KTL coating on our tank trailers. This surface finish provides 5 times more protection against corrosion than conventional paint does. 

Support assembly

We provide two equipment options for the parking of the the centre axle trailer when loaded:

  • Two support winches with hand crank
  • Two support winches with pneumatic/hydraulic drive

Brakes / Air suspension

With the EBS/ABS and RSS brake system function we achieve improved braking comfort and high vehicle safety through controled braking when there is a risk of tipping.

  • The EBS function accelerates the reaction and pressurisation time in the brake cylinders, bringing the advantage of a shorter braking distance by several metres. The ABS function ensures driving stability during braking.
  • The RSS function prevents tipping, whipping or skidding of your new tanker through continuous controled braking
  • The trailer's air suspension can be controlled mechanically with an air suspension valve or electronically with an ECAS console.

Loading / Discharge

We can equip the centre axle trailer with the following filling options depending on your wishes:

  • Top loading via man holes
  • Bottom loading through the foot valves


For discharging, you can select between:

  • Discharge with the discharge device on the tractor unit by means of a connecting hose
  • Gravity discharge with an unmeasured outlet

Salvage eylets

We install salvage eyelets for loaded recoveries on the box-shaped centre axle trailers.

These allows to uplift overturned vehicles without costly tank to tank transfers.



You can select a lighting system with either conventional light bulbs or LEDs. The marker lights on the sides of the tank trailer are equipped with LEDs as standard. The benefits of LED lighting, in addition to the prolonged 15 year lifetime, are the high intensity of light and the colour constancy.



Depending on your wishes, we equip the centre axle trailer with the following additional safety equipment:

  • Rear view camera
  • Reflecting outline markers
  • Working flood light
  • Reverse flood light at the rear
  • Catwalks andsafety hand rails on the dome
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