Omni Willig Carbon GmbH wins JEC Innovation Award

Omni Willig Carbon GmbH was awarded the JEC Innovation Award at the “JEC Asia”; an international event on the theme of composite materials. Our subsidiary impressed with its Carbon Mini Tank in the “Transport” category. Omni Willig Carbon GmbH is a joint venture between Kurt Willig GmbH & Co. KG and Omni Tanker Pty Ltd. from Australia. 

The JEC Innovation Programme has distinguished 177 companies and 433 partners for their special achievements in the field of innovations relating to composite materials to date. The long-standing programme recognises, supports and distinguishes innovative composite solutions across the globe. Selection criteria for the JEC Innovation Award include high technical quality, exemplary partnership within the chain of development, market potential and originality. 12 companies won prizes in the various fields of application: aviation, automotive, construction, marine, racing cars, railway, transportation, wind energy, sports & leisure.   

Omni Willig Carbon GmbH applied for the prize with its Carbon Mini Tank for highly corrosive substances. The carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic tank (CFRP) is very lightweight and has a very high chemical resistance for the transportation of class 8 products in line with ADR. These tanks are the first CFRP tanks to have been tested and passed in line with ADR. They are considerably lighter than the steel and glass-fibre-reinforced technologies currently on the market. The tank features an integrated fire protection system, which represents a key innovation and allows the thin-walled carbon structure to withstand 30 minutes of exposure to a fire of 1,000 °C. 

The JEC Innovation Award was officially presented to Karlheinz Stern (managing director of Omni Willig Carbon GmbH) and Daniel Rodgers (Omni Tanker Pty Ltd.) as part of the international JEC event in Seoul, South Korea. 

We are thrilled that, following the expo PetroTrans – Innovation Award 2016, Omni Willig Carbon GmbH has now been presented with a further prize for innovation! 

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