The Willig semi-trailer

Pioneers in the field of technology, performance and quality:

The Willig brand first began setting the benchmark within its field some twenty years ago: with the stepped cylinder shape, we developed a design for semi-trailer tankers that soon became the leading design within the market. Often copied, this type of vehicle still impresses with its appearance, driving quality, flexibility in terms of usage and its technical advancement. A success story of which we are very proud!

Our premium product: The direct dispenser for mineral oil

Our star at the petrol station

Semi-trailer tankers from Willig are perfectly tailored to the demanding requirements facing petrol station supply. They are ideal for transporting 1203 gasoline and 1202 diesel/heating oil. The trailer can be fitted with or without a dipstick measuring system. Weight-optimised trailers considerably reduce the empty weight and thus reduce heating consumption and tyre wear during transportation.


Cylindrical measuring system vehicle by Willig

Immeasurable quality

Equipped as an AT vehicle with a measuring system, the vehicle can be used to carry 1202 diesel / heating oil. It features two separate dispensing systems and can thus also be used as an FL tanker to carry 1203 gasoline.


Box-shaped measuring system vehicle for mineral oil

With unbeatable manoeuvrability

Employing a distribution vehicle often generates unnecessary costs. This is inevitable in cases where the unloading point is not accessible to a semi-trailer or a truck due to the road and site conditions. WILLIG has a number of economical solutions to this problem.


Box-shaped lubricant oil transporter

Flexible and safe

Our trailers for the transportation of lubricants offer low mixing volumes, optimised handling and a high capacity. They are suitable for various different products and fulfil the quality guidelines of the respective bodies.


Semi-trailer tanker for waste disposal

Clean and eco-friendly

Our trailers for the waste disposal sector are – depending on the processing material and fittings – suitable for disposing of used oil, oil emulsions, sludge and building site waste. You can carry and transport various different liquids in one journey to your customer by storing them separately in the various chambers.