Cylindrical measuring system vehicle by Willig

Immeasurable quality

Equipped as an AT vehicle with a measuring system, the vehicle can be used to carry 1202 diesel / heating oil. It features two separate dispensing systems and can thus also be used as an FL tanker to carry 1203 gasoline.

Technical data


The following tank contents and compartments have become the established standard:

  • AT version: 36,000 to 38,000 with 2 to 5 compartments
  • FL version: 40,000 to 43,000 l with 3 to 5 compartments

Spill box options

Spill box are welded liquid-tight across the entire tank length as standard. In the case of semi-trailer tankers with one to three compartments, it is possible to incorporate shortened spill boxes. The ladder is available as a removable and telescopic version. A corrugate aluminium plate on the edge of the spill box offers protection against damage when filling from above.


A continuous cabinet with parallelogram or swivel doors is positioned in front of the axle for the measuring system(s). The hose reel can be positioned in the cabinet, in the auxiliary cabinet or as an axial hose reel in front of the end bottoms.

Loading / Discharging

Loading options

  • Top loading via man hole
  • Bottom loading via loading coupling
  • Manual loading via suction

Discharging facilities

AT semi-trailer tanker for 1202 diesel/heating oil
Discharging generally takes place using a pump measuring system for low-viscosity mineral oils with a wet hose and/or dry hose. The storage tank is filled via an unmetered outlet.

FL semi-trailer tanker for 1203 petrol and 1202 diesel/heating oil
Separate discharging systems with a pump measuring system with wet and/or dry hose for diesel/heating oil and a further gravity measuring system with dry hose for petrol discharging.


Brakes / Air suspension

Braking comfort improved with integrated EBS/ABS brake system and RSS function. Vehicle safety can be increased through selective braking in the case of risk of tipping.

  • The EBS function accelerates reaction and pressure build-up times in the brake cylinders. This reduces the stopping distance by a few metres.
  • Driving stability is assured by the ABS function during the braking process.
  • The RSS function uses selective braking to prevent the tanker from tipping, jack-knifing or skidding.
  • The trailer air suspension can be managed mechanically via an air suspension valve or electronically via an ECAS control box.


The semi-trailer can be fitted with additional safety and technical features:


Lateral marker lights on the semi-trailer tankers are equipped with LED lights as standard. Benefit: service life of up to 15 years, high light intensity and colour consistency.

ADR Features

Each semi-trailer tanker is supplied with full ADR features for road-worthiness. Depending on the type of vehicle, you receive: