Drawbar trailers

Perfect trailing performance

Our drawbar trailers are – depending on their fittings – suitable for transporting 1202 diesel/heating oil or 1203 gasoline. The towing vehicle and trailer fit together perfectly. Meanwhile, a perfect trailing performance guarantees directional stability in all driving manoeuvres.

Technical data


There are two options available to suit different transport requirements:

  • Two-axle drawbar trailer with total permissible weight of 18 tons: Gross value between 16,500 l and 21,000 l, depending on the cargo
  • Three-axle drawbar trailer with total permissible weight of 24 tons: Gross value between 22,500 and 27,000 l, depending on the cargo


The controls and dry coupling for the connecting hose are placed in the box on the front right of the vehicle as standard. They can also be mounted in the discharging cabinet.

Our tank trailers are equipped with two side safety installations as well as Tank and underride protection with rear covers.

Loading / Discharging

Bogie / Drawbar

The rigid front axle on the drawbar trailer is positioned on a bogie, which pivots on the chassis. The drawbar and associated height-adjustment fittings are affixed to the frame of the bogie.

Only drawbars with a special KTL coating are affixed to our tank trailers. This surface finish offers five times higher corrosion protection than a conventional finish. The bogie is fully galvanised up to the axle mounts.

Brakes / Air suspension

Braking comfort improved with integrated EBS/ABS brake system and RSS function. Vehicle safety can be increased through selective braking in the case of risk of tipping.

  • The EBS function accelerates reaction and pressure build-up times in the brake cylinders. This reduces the stopping distance by a few metres.
  • Driving stability is assured by the ABS function during the braking process.
  • The RSS function uses selective braking to prevent the tanker from tipping, jack-knifing or skidding.
  • The tank trailer air suspension can be managed mechanically via an air suspension valve or electronically via an ECAS control box.


The tank trailer can be fitted with additional safety and technical features:

ADR Features

Each tank trailer is supplied with full ADR features for road-worthiness. Depending on the type of vehicle, you receive:

  • Hazard signs
  • Hazard labels
  • Required accessories (hook wrench, square socket etc.)