Willig has the future on board

The Willig-Group does not rest on its laurels. Our development department is always searching for better, more efficient and safer solutions for our customers. The semitrailer design from Willig has sustainably shaped the utility vehicle industry. Our lubricant oil measuring systems are real masters in efficiency. They undercut the standard residual quantities in tank filling and therefore minimise the rinsing losses when changing the product. And for AdBlue transport, we offer a low-cost and variable solution with a compact and mobile measuring system.

With innovative CFRP materials, we are now bringing ultra-light tank attachments onto the market as pioneering products, which have received a global ADR approval for the very first time. Carbon is extremely strong and rigid, yet very light and highly durable. With these positive material properties, we can considerably increase the load capacity, stability and service life of our tankers and achieve the highest standard with regards to safety. In the development of our lightweight components, we cooperate with Becker Carbon; an internationally renowned specialist for vehicle construction using carbon fibre.

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Mit einer Restmenge unter 1,9 Liter

Ein großer Pluspunkt unserer WILLIG - Schmierölmessanlage ist die Restmenge von unter 1,9 l.
Mit zwei oder mehreren Schlauchtrommeln bietet Ihnen die Messanlage den Vorteil, dass Sie unterschiedliche Schmieröle in IBC-Behälter sortenrein transportieren können.

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