Our premium product: The direct dispenser for mineral oil

Our star at the petrol station

Semi-trailer tankers from Willig are perfectly tailored to the demanding requirements facing petrol station supply. They are ideal for transporting 1203 gasoline and 1202 diesel/heating oil. The trailer can be fitted with or without a dipstick measuring system. Weight-optimised trailers considerably reduce the empty weight and thus reduce heating consumption and tyre wear during transportation.

Technical data


A fully cylindrical design provides optimum stability against dynamic forces. The semi-trailer tanker offers a stable drive thanks to its low centre of gravity and favourable surge behaviour. As direct dispensers, we recommend the following tank sizes for the transportation of 1203 petrol and 1202 diesel/heating oil:

  • Gross volumes:
    43,000 l with 4 to 5 compartments


Loading / Discharging


Measuring systems

Brakes / Air suspension

Braking comfort improved with integrated EBS/ABS brake system and RSS function. Vehicle safety can be increased through selective braking in the case of risk of tipping.

  • The EBS function accelerates reaction and pressure build-up times in the brake cylinders. This reduces the stopping distance by a few metres.
  • Driving stability is assured by the ABS function during the braking process.
  • The RSS function uses selective braking to prevent the tanker from tipping, jack-knifing or skidding.
  • The trailer air suspension can be managed mechanically via an air suspension valve or electronically via an ECAS control box.


The semi-trailer tanker can be fitted with extra safety equipment upon request:


Lateral marker lights on the semi-trailer tankers are equipped with LED lights as standard. Benefit: service life of up to 15 years, high light intensity and colour consistency.

ADR features

Each semi-trailer tanker is supplied with full ADR features for road-worthiness. Depending on the type of vehicle, you receive: