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Kurt Willig GmbH & Co. KG develops and builds tankers and related components for various different areas of application. As a specialist for ADR class 3 aluminium tankers, we are European market leaders in the fields of innovation and quality.

The company was founded in 1970 and is currently being managed by the third generation of owners. The Willig Group currently has 250 employees and is represented in six locations across Europe. Willig believes in premium quality from the beginning of the process, across all sectors. We get your business going with our many years of experience in the field of special vehicle construction and our highly qualified, dedicated employees.

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Premium quality, customised solutions

Pioneering technology and high standards with regards to quality, efficiency, safety and longevity: Willig has been specialising in the development, manufacture and repair of tankers and their components for many years. Transport and handling solutions for the mineral oil industry have set milestones within the market. Find the perfect vehicle to meet your industry-specific requirements.

Carbon Innovations

With the production and development of carbon-fibre-reinforced products for special, high-load applications, Becker Carbon has long since enjoyed a good reputation. The VW one-litre car, components for racing, rockets and satellites: products from the Becker Carbon company are used in the toughest rallies in the world.

As such, the company is an ideal partner and supplier for our WILLIG carbon components. Carbon fibre is distinguished by its low weight and extreme strength and rigidity. These positive material properties significantly increase the effective load, stability and life span of the tanker. These attributes mean that WILLIG tankers are setting the benchmark when it comes to safety and technology.

WILLIG Carbon Wings

Design and material in a perfect symbiosis: Willig Carbon Wings are made from ultra-light, sturdy carbon and have a flow-optimised surface. Advantage: Less air resistance – lower fuel consumption.


Long-lasting, resilient and efficient: the Carbon BC+ undercarriage for semi-trailers was awarded with the “Gefahrgut Innovation Award” in 2012. It features robust yet lightweight cross beams made from carbon fibre, which are installed between the axle support stands. They stabilise the undercarriage, absorb the majority of the load and therefore guarantee a long vehicle life without damages. 

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