The Willig Tank body

Ideal for use in distribution transport

Tank bodies manufactured by Willig have been specially designed with home fuel supply in mind. They impress with their high user-convenience and functionality. Discover the various vehicle concepts to suit your transportation needs.

Tank body for the transportation of mineral oil

Safety first

Willig tank bodies are available in the AT version for transporting 1202 diesel/heating oil and in the FL version for transporting 1202 diesel/heating oil and 1203 gasoline.


Tank body for waste disposal

Resource-conserving and efficient

Tank bodies for the waste disposal sector from Willig are – depending on the processing material and fittings – suitable for disposing of used oil, oil emulsions, sludge and building site waste. Thanks to the use of various compartments, you can carry and transport various different liquids in one journey to your customer.


Tank body for the transportation of lubricant oil

Impressive handling and safety

Willig’s tank bodies for the transportation of lubricants offer low mixing volumes, optimised handling and a high capacity. They are suitable for the transportation of different types of product.


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